Facebook asks Oversight Board for guidance on ‘cross-check’ system

Facebook asks Oversight Board for guidance on ‘cross-check’ system

Facebook Inc (FB.O) said Tuesday it will ask its independent Oversight Board for recommendations on how to improve its cross-check system, an internal program the social media company says is used to double check enforcement actions against certain users.

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported millions of Facebook accounts belonging to celebrities, politicians and other high profile users are exempt from its rules under the system, allowing them to post rule-violating content.

The Oversight Board said Tuesday it looked forward to receiving Facebook’s formal request, adding “we will be engaging with diverse civil society leaders, researchers and other voices as we work to scrutinize these crucial issues.”

Facebook said it will seek the board’s guidance on the criteria it uses to “determine what is prioritized for a secondary review via cross-check, as well as how we manage the program.”

The company created the Oversight Board last year and funds its operations through a trust. Policy recommendations are not binding, but Facebook is required to respond to them in 30 days.